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NAUKA I TEKHNOLOGICHESKIE RAZRABOTKI (SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS), ISSN: 2079-5165, eISSN: 2410-7948, DOI: 10.21455/std;; The journal was founded in 1992.


I.P. Bashilov1, S.P. Brednev4, V.A. Merkulov3, P.M. Utkin4, L.Ya. Shugal2,
S.Yu. Chervinchuk

1 Scientific and Technical Center “Geotechfizpribor”, IPE RAS, Moscow, Russia

2 Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres RAS, Moscow, Russia

3 FSUE “PO October”, Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

4 FSUE VNIIA them. N.L. Dukhov, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding author: I.P. Bashilov, e-mail:


– a small-sized module of seismic receiver SM-3MU is developed and tested

– the module operates in the mode of a velocimeter in the range 0.5-40 Hz

– unified parts and components  are used for the module

– module can be used in pedestal, borehole, bottom vertical and three-component devices

– successful testing of three prototypes is carried out

Abstract. The results of development of the SM-3MU seismic module, which was started in 2015, are described. The module is close to SM-3 in terms of their characteristics. The module operates in the mode of a velocimeter with an electronic amplifier in the frequency range 0.5–40 Hz with a resolution of 10-9 m/s at a frequency of 1 Hz and a dynamic range of about 130 dB with a conversion coefficient of 2000 V⋅s/m. The module design provides for the possibility of its application in pedestal, borehole, bottom vertical and three-component seismic instruments. Design and technological documentation was developed. Three prototype models of the module were developed for the study of characteristics and testing. Appropriate laboratory and field tests are conducted. The results of the studies and tests confirmed the correspondence of the real characteristics to the project, which gives grounds for further development of this area of work with the solution for the problem of producing seismic receivers based on the module.

Keywords: seismic module, short-period seismometer, reduced length of the pendulum, mass of the pendulum, free-swing period, amplitude-frequency characteristic, sensitivity of the seismic channel, dynamic range.

Cite this article as: Bashilov I.P., Brednev S.P., Merkulov V.A., Utkin P.M., Shugal L.Ya., Chervinchuk S.Yu. Small-sized unified module of the high-resolution seismic detector CM-3MU // Science and technological developments. 2018. Vol. 97, No. 1. P.5-14. [Special issue “Precision Geophysical Monitoring of Natural Hazards. Part 1. Instruments and technologies”]. DOI: 10.21455/std2018.1-1


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BASHILOV Igor Porfirievich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Scientific Associate, Scientific and Technical Center “Geofizpribor” of Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 123242, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 10, building 1. Phone: +7(499) 254-30-60. E-mail:; Web site: (corresponding author)

BREDNEV Sergey Petrovich – chief specialist, Dukhov FSUE VNIIA. 115304 Moscow, ul. Luganskaya 9. Phone: +7(495) 321-35-01. E-mail:

MERKULOV Valery Alekseevich – the chief designer on instrument production, the chief of a department of the main designer, FSUE “PA “October”. 623400, Sverdlovsk Region, Kamensk-Uralsky, ul. Ryabova, 8. Phone: (3439) 33-96-88. E-mail:; Web site:

UTKIN Petr Mikhailovich – leading engineer-researcher, Dukhov FSUE VNIIA. 115304 Moscow, ul. Luganskaya, 9, tel. 495 321 35 01, E-mail:

SHUGAL Leonid Yakovlevich – Leading Engineer, Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS. 119334 Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 38, bldg. 1. Phone: (916) 502-06-14. E-mail:

CHERVINCHUK Sergey Yurievich – Senior Researcher, Scientific and Technical Center “Geofizpribor” of Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 123242, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 10, building 1. Phone: (499) 254-30-60. E-mail:; Web site: