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© 2017 B.F. Nesterov1, V.M. Chmyrev2,1, V.S. Shutov1, A.M. Alimov3

1JSC “GEOSCAN Technologies”, Moscow, Russia

2Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

«ENERGIA»”, Moscow region, Russia

Corresponding author: V.M. Chmyrev, e-mail:




Space experiment “AVIS, planned on the Russian segment of the ISS, is described

Development, fabrication and flight testing of pico- and nanosatellites are planned

Sequence of development provides for incremental potential of equipment

Manual and automatic launches of satellites from ISS and “Progress” are provided

Pilot manufacturing of the satellites and launch devices has been begun


Abstract. A brief description of the space experiment “AVIS”, carried out within the framework of the “Long-term program of scientific and applied research and experiments planned at the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS RS)”, is presented. The program of works provides for the development, fabrication and flight testing of a demonstration sample of a picosatellite and a sequence of three working samples of nanosatellites with stage-by-stage growing functionality. The main stages include the development of methods and means for controlling the separation of space vehicles and monitoring their status in an autonomous mode and experimental development of technology for the rendezvous, docking, and undocking of nanosatellites in orbit. The onboard equipment also includes a launching device for launching pico and nanosatellites from the ISS RS by the astronaut in manual mode and an automatic launch device for launching nanosatellites from the Progress cargo vehicle (TGK) under commands from the ISS or a ground control station. At present, within the experimental program, a set of working design documentation for the satellites and launch devices has been created and work has been begun to manufacture test samples of the products.

Keywords: picosatellite, nanosatellite, international space station, ISS, separation, monitoring, rendezvous, docking

Cite this article as: Nesterov B.F., Chmyrev V.M., Shutov V.S., Alimov A.M. Space experiment “AVIS”: development of technologies for creation and application of multifunctional pico- and nanosatellite platforms. Nauka i Tekhnologicheskie Razrabotki (Science and Technological Developments), 2017, Vol. 96, No. 4, pp. 37–48. [Special issue “Applied Geophysics: New Developments and Results. Part. 2. Navigation and Space Research”]. [in Russian]. DOI: 10.21455/std2017.4-3




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CHMYREV Vitaliy Mikhailovich  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Chief Researcher, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences. General Director, JSC “GEOSCAN Technologies”. 121205, Moscow, Innovation Center Skolkovo, ul. Nobelya 7. Tel.: +7 (910) 469-92-65. E-mail: (corresponding author)


SHUTOV Victor Stanislavovich  Candidate of Economic Sciences, deputy general director, JSC “GEOSCAN Technologies”. 121205, Moscow, Innovation Center Skolkovo, ul. Nobelya 7. Tel.: +7 (985) 764-69-54. E-mail:


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