Estimation of the seismic hazards of low-active areas by the example of the Kerch-Taman region

A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.M. Korzhenkov, A.S. Larkov,A.V. Marahanov, E.A. Rogozhin




Application of geophysical sensors of quartz glass in control systems of building structures and large mechanisms

V.I. Osika, B.M. Kochetkov, E.I. Pavlov, I.P. Kachan, V.A. Pchelintsev




Local current gauge - instrument for geoelectric measurements

A.N. Kamshilin, P.A. Kanzacheev




The algorithm for computing the electrical resistance in the GPR data

P.N. Aleksandrov, V.N. Kryz'ke, S.V. Sirotin